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Fundraising Europe is distributed to fundraisers across Europe both directly by subscription to our newsletter and via EFA's members and observers, national fundraising associations and networks. Covering the latest fundraising developments, topical issues include fundraising regulation and best practice, cross-border donations, VAT, the level of philanthropy, impact of government cuts, fundraising techniques and trends and much more. To suggest a topic for inclusion, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.


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Issue 32. September 2018

As well as the usual round-up of news, the September edition of Fundraising Europe includes features on the changing face of fundraising. Kyla Shawyer, CEO of the Resource Alliance, explores a new ecosystem for social change. Fundraising Europe interviews Nicola Bedogni and Massimo Coen Cagli, president and vice president of the Italian fundraising association ASSIF, about the fundraising environment in Italy, and Nancy Bikson of Chapel & York shares her tips on reaching across national boundaries to fundraise internationally. Read more.






Issue 31. July 2018

July's EFA newsletter includes the usual round up of European fundraising news as well as features on a range of ethical fundraising issues. Ian McQuillin of fundraising think tank Rogare looks at the ethical dilemma of accepting or refusing donations, Fundraising Europe interviews Eva E. Aldrich of CFRE International about growing a global profession of ethical fundraisers, and Andrew Watt of Accordant Philanthropy shares his tips on embedding ethical principles in fundraising. Read more.






Issue 30. May 2018

May's EFA newsletter includes the latest European fundraising news as well as special features on a range of issues relevant for fundraising across borders, including Ludwig Forrest of the King Baudouin Foundation and Transnational Giving Europe on the growth of cross-border giving, CAF's Rhodri Davies on the role of blockchain, and Brian Fitzgerald of Dancing Fox, who shares his tips for captivating a global audience with storytelling. Read more.






Issue 29. March 2018

As well as the latest fundraising news from around Europe, March's newsletter includes special features on a range of professional development issues, including Institute of Fundraising chair Amanda Bringans speaking about the need for greater diversity in the profession, consultant, trainer and educator in Italian fundraising Valerio Melandri on the many challenges of professionalising fundraising, and fundraising consultant Andrej Naricyn with his tips for motivating and inspiring fundraising teams. Read more.





Issue 28. February 2018

February's newsletter has the latest fundraising news from across Europe and focuses on regulation and governance of civil society organisations. It includes insights from ECNL's Eszter Hartay about regulatory trends in Europe and from Peter Vandor of the Vienna University of Economics and Business about his recent research into civil society in Central and Eastern Europe. Marie Curie's Meredith Niles also shares her tips on how to engage trustees with fundraising and Björn Lampe of betterplace.org highlights the technological developments to watch in 2018. Read more.





Issue 27. December 2017

December's newsletter sets out the findings from EFA's latest report Fundraising in Europe 2017, and rounds up all the latest fundraising news from across Europe. It also features an interview with Lucy Masterson, CEO of Charities Institute Ireland on how the organisation is working to redefine the sector's future in Ireland, and a How to on mobilising support through digital from Open's Paul de Gregorio Read more.






Issue 26. September 2017

Containing all the latest fundraising news from across Europe, September's EFA newsletter also focuses on professional development. Expert blogs come from IFC speakers Pavel Hrica and Jan Kroupa on the importance of taking a values-led approach to fundraising leadership and an interview with Jaime Gregori Soler on developments in the Spanish fundraising marketplace. Susan Morgan from the Tony Elischer Foundation also shares her tips for making the most of a mentoring relationship. Read more.





Issue 25. July 2017

July's EFA newsletter features all the latest fundraising news from across Europe, and focuses on data protection and broader fundraising regulations. Expert blogs come from Jitty van Doodewaerd of DMCC Netherlands on the implications of GDPR for fundraising, and VaLa's Pia Tornikoski on changes to the public collections law in Finland, and Michelle Chambers from THINK Consulting Solutions also gives her top tips for how to thrive in times of change. Read more.






Issue 24. June 2017

As well as including the latest fundraising news from around Europe, June's EFA newsletter focuses on philanthropy with a blog from Filipe Santos at the Católica-Lisbon School of Business & Economics on the importance of social innovation and an interview with Astrid von Soosten of the German Fundraising Association about how a more flexible tax relief system could inspire a more philanthropic culture. Meanwhile, the Institute of Fundraising's Mike Smith shares his tips for getting fundraising on government's agenda. Read more.




Issue 23. April 2017

As well as including the latest fundraising news from around Europe, April's EFA newsletter focuses on smaller charities with advice from Kriistina Backberg, Head of Communications at HelsinkiMissio, an expert view from the International Fundraising Consultancy's John Baguley on how smaller charities can compete for funding, and an interview with Secretary General of the Swedish Fundraising Council, Charlotte Rydh, on how the sector is changing in Sweden. Read more.





Issue 22. February 2017

February's EFA newsletter focuses on innovation as well as featuring all the latest fundraising news from across Europe, including GoFundMe's expansion into Europe, and the 2017 Nonprofit Tech for Good Global NGO Online Technology Report. The newsletter also has advice from Lucy Gower of Lucidity on minimising the risk of innovation, an expert view from HOME Fundraising's Sarah Carter on the importance of innovating culturally, and an interview with Chair of the Slovak Fundraising Center Eduard Marček on how online donation platforms are revolutionising fundraising in Slovakia. Read more.





Issue 21. December 2016

December's edition of the EFA newsletter rounds up all the latest fundraising news from across Europe, including the appointment of the EFA's new president Gosse Bosma, director of Goede Doelen Nederland. The newsletter also includes an expert view from Sue Kershaw of SOFII on the importance of sharing good fundraising ideas, and advice from the Institute of Fundraising's Stephanie Siddell on how to get trustees on board. Read more.




Issue 20. September 2016

September's edition of the EFA newsletter features the latest fundraising news from across Europe, with an expert view from Astrid von Soosten of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory on the need for long-term investment in life science research, an interview with Mladenka Majerić on setting up a fundraising association in Croatia, Kevin Schulman of DonorVoice on issues with the fundraisers' volume-driven volume model, and advice from Damian O’Broin of Ask Direct on adapting to the age of consent. Read more.





Issue 19. July 2016

July's edition of the EFA newsletter features the latest fundraising news from across Europe, with an expert view from Jérémie Maes, Network Manager at Transnational Giving Europe on the challenges and opportunities of the current transnational giving environment, an interview with Peter Lewis from the Institute of Fundraising on the changes the past year has brought to the UK fundraising landscape, and advice from digital fundraising expert Beate Sørum on developing an effective web strategy. Read more.




Issue 18. June 2016

In June's edition of the EFA newsletter, we round up the latest fundraising news from across Europe, and feature an expert view from Jaco Booster of Enigma Consulting on payment technology and how it is changing the world, an interview with Jan Kroupa from the Czech Fundraising Center, on the effect of economic growth on fundraising in the Czech Republic, and we also include advice from YTES's Alexandra Debaisieux on how to better understand and access EU funding. Read more.




 VAT Action Plan

Issue 17. April 2016

EFA's latest newsletter provides updates on the latest EU developments on VAT and features national fundraising news, in addition to an expert view from Adrian Salmon of Grenzebach Glier and Associates Europe about the lessons European fundraisers can learn from the UK fundraising crisis on European fundraisers, an interview with Becky Gilbert, CFRE, on the developments in educational fundraising in Germany and top tips from digital communications expert, Kirsty Marrins, on making the most of twitter. Read more.



Tony Elischer


Issue 16. February 2016

In EFA's latest round-up of fundraising news and views, we include the sector's tributes for Tony Elischer, new charitable giving research, an interview with Javier Ruiz of the Spanish Fundraising Association and a blog on digital fundraising from Raimonds Kulbergs of Funderful. Read more




Fundraising in Europe 2015 report


Issue 15. Winter 2015

In this Winter edition, we round up the latest fundraising news and views, highlighting findings from our 2015 Fundraising in Europe research report. We take a look at the national fundraising environment in Spain, feature expert opinions from co-authors and fundraising academics, Wendy Straife and Beth Breeze, on the need for greater public understanding of fundraising, as well as from Remember A Charity's Louise Pavoni giving tips for taking legacies online.

Read more.






Syrian Refugees Crossing into Turkey, UNHCR (Photographer I. Prickett)


Issue 14.  Autumn 2015

Here we round up the latest fundraising news and views, reporting on the need to harmonise SEPA banking processes and charities' participation in legacy promotion activity. We look at some of the challenges facing voluntary sector agencies in dealing with Europe's refugee crisis, the shake-up of fundraising standards in the UK and hear from Daryl Upsall about 20 years of face-to-face fundraising. Read more.


Photo: Syrian Refugees Crossing into Turkey, UNHCR (Photographer I. Prickett)




Finnish Government Palace



Issue 13. Spring 2015

In this Spring edition we round up the latest fundraising news and views, looking at the prominence of tax incentives for philanthropy in Europe. We turn the spotlight on fundraising in Austria, also featuring comment pieces on collaboration across borders and relationship fundraising. Read more.


Photo: Finnish Government Palace, Photographer: Janne Suhonen, Copyright: Prime Minister's Office






Issue 12: Winter 2014

After an eventful year for fundraising, EFA rounds up many of this year's developments and trends, in addition to the latest fundraising news and national charitable giving trends. We turn the spotlight on fundraising in Ireland, also featuring some inspirational fundraising campaigns selected by EFA members. Read more.


Photo: The Riksdag. Photographer: Melker Dahlstrand 









Issue 11: Autumn 2014

In addition to our round-up of key fundraising news from across Europe, we look at two growing fundraising forms, the old and the new; legacies and viral fundraising. We also shine the spotlight on fundraising in Norway and hear from payment specialist, Rapidata about direct debits. Read more.









Issue 10: Summer 2014 - Shaping the Future


While the European Parliament awaits a new President, the wheels have been set in motion for a more harmonised regulatory framework that will likely impact nonprofits. In this edition of Fundraising Europe, we signpost the latest market developments including changes to SEPA, future options for VAT, national regulation and more. We turn the spotlight on fundraising in France, with viewpoints by Daryl Upsall on fundraisers' salaries and Jacob Rolin on change. Read more.




Issue 9: Spring 2014 - Optimism for Fundraising

This edition of Fundraising Europe presents EFA's 2013/14 survey report findings, which paint a positive picture of voluntary income growth and an optimistic outlook for the future for fundraising in 2014. We also signpost key market developments that may impact nonprofits including the European elections, changes to SEPA, data protection developments and the current VAT consultation. We turn the national spotlight on Ukraine, fundraising in a climate of political and economical uncertainly and hear expert views from Lord Joel Joffe on Nelson Mandela's influence and from IoF policy officer, Caroline Drummond about new mobile phone security measures that may impact text giving. Read more.


Issue 8: Winter Edition - Transparency: Are Charities Going Far Enough?

At the end of the year, we look back on some of the key stories from 2013, highlighting regulatory developments that will have important implications for many nonprofits. The issue of transparency has been a common theme throughout this year and is explored by our columnists, expert spokespeople Ilja De Coster and Simon Scriver, who respectively address the challenge we face when dealing with media scandals and the importance of transparency and openness. Read more.




Issue 7: September 2013 - Advancing the Profession

The sector continues to advance and develop at a remarkable rate, with the world's first advanced fundraising qualification course welcoming its first intake of students. This edition of Fundraising Europe follows the theme of professional development, with our special focus feature looking at reports of a skills shortage in fundraising, particularly in the field of major giving. As such, it is topical that our case study features a phenomenal major gift campaign from Germany's inspirational Städel Museum. Our columnists address the importance of continuing professional development and of a solid understanding of fundraising markets. We turn the national spotlight on Slovakia, amid regulatory reform of public collections. Read more.



Issue 6: July 2013 - Influencing Reform

With the unification of legislation in many key areas across the EU, nonprofits have the opportunity to influence and mould the regulatory framework like never before. This edition of Fundraising Europe includes a briefing on four such important areas (Data Protection, VAT, SEPA and European Foundation Statutes), alongside a round-up of news from across Europe. We feature a case study on influencing EU policy from WWF and an expert view from Hanna Surmatz at the European Foundation Centre. We turn the member spotlight on the Netherlands, hearing from VFI about their exciting new programmes to promote legacy and mobile giving. Read more.




Issue 5: March 2013 - The Changing Face of European Fundraising. 

This edition of Fundraising Europe highlights two key themes; cross-border collaboration and change. In our round-up of the latest fundraising news, we reveal the results of EFA's survey into the challenges and opportunities for European fundraising and how organisations are faring in the recession. We profile the Italian Fundraising Association, Lucy Gower speaks out about the need for fundraisers to innovate and Andrea McManus on engaging your board. Read more.




Issue 4: December 2012 - Celebrating 10 Years of Uniting the Fundraising Community. In this issue, European nonprofits defy the global trend for a charitable giving decline, sustaining income levels during the economic crisis. This edition looks to the challenges ahead, including SEPA and cross-border giving. We profile the Finnish Fundraising Association and featuring a case study on running successful award programmes and more. Read more.







Issue 3: September 2012 - Market Regulation. This issue explores regulation highlighting the growth of self-regulation within the industry, with personal viewpoints on the need for innovation in face-to-face fundraising and the challenges for fundraisers in Central and Eastern Europe. EFA profiles SwissFundraising and presents a case study on developing new fundraising qualifications. Read more.



Issue 2: May 2012 - Corporate Partnerships. This issue includes a special focus feature on corporate partnerships and expert viewpoints on impact reporting and EU data protections proposals. EFA profiles the German Fundraising Association and presents a case study on the Slovak Fundraising Centre. Read more.



Issue 1: February 2012 - Fundraising in 2012 In this issue, EFA members lay down their predictions for fundraising in 2012, we profile the Polish Fundraising Association and present a case study from the forthcoming association, Fundraisers Alliance Belgium.  Fundraising experts express their views about the challenge of government cuts, VAT and more. Issue 1 can also be downloaded as a pdf. Read more.