What we do

EFA works through and with the support of national fundraising associations; a joint platform for exchange of knowledge, best practice and expertise.

By sharing what each nation knows about fundraising, we work to accelerate the growth of the profession and industry.

We promote high standards and an accredited qualification programme that enables fundraisers to perform professionally at a consistently high level across Europe, building public trust and confidence and encouraging philanthropy.

There are 5 core areas of EFA’s work:

1. One voice for fundraising

There are many common issues facing fundraisers across Europe. EFA acts as one central voice to champion the fundraising industry and shape the wider regulatory environment. Members can channel their concerns through EFA for representation to the European Union. As part of ECCVAT (the European Charities’ Commission on VAT), EFA is currently lobbying the European Commission for a fairer deal for charities paying VAT.

2. A platform for exchange

In some nations fundraising is well established, in others it is in its infancy. By sharing techniques, innovations and best practice, EFA accelerates the development of the industry and increase funds raised.

One set of standards, the International Statement of Ethical Principles, is promoted across EFA's membership setting out common principles for fundraisers.

EFA also facilitates the exchange of information and guidance for establishing, managing, financing and growing a successful association. The annual Skillshare event is our flagship event for fundraising associations to get together, share information and learn from each other.

3. Developing the profession

EFA facilitates training and formal fundraising qualifications through EFA’s Certification programme, which launched in 2007. As a result, fundraisers in 11 countries are now able to achieve a professional fundraising qualification.

4. Collating market intelligence

EFA acts as a central hub for market information about fundraising in Europe. Members submit information about fundraising within each country and this is shared across the network and via our flagship event, Skillshare.

5. Building infrastructure

EFA helps to set up and grow fundraising associations across Europe, through which best practice, knowledge and expertise can be shared and rolled out to all fundraisers in each member state. Existing associations are strengthened by becoming part of the EFA network, sharing insights and learning across the European community.