EFA qualifications

How are EFA certified qualifications developed?

All EFA certified qualifications are built around a common set of competencies, which form the backbone of a robust professional fundraising qualification.

To develop a qualification, we encourage national fundraising associations to work with an experienced educational provider who will be able to deliver the training in line with EFA guidelines. The competencies and guidelines are set out within the EFA Certification Standard Competence Framework, and the EFA Certification Advanced Competence Framework handbook.

What EFA certified qualifications are available?

The following qualifications are currently available throughout Europe:

Fundraising College, Austria

Professional Fundraising, Finland

Certificat Francaise du Fundraising, France

Fundraising with Heart and Mind, Germany

Certificate in Fundraising / Diploma in Fundraising, Ireland

Certified Fund Raiser course, Poland

Certified Fundraiser, Sweden

Diploma of Advanced Studies in Fundraising Management, Switzerland

Certificate in Fundraising Management / Diploma in Fundraising, United Kingdom

With the growth of the internet and widespread media interest in charities, fundraising is becoming more and more visible beyond national boundaries. Standards are ever more important and the need for professional qualifications cannot be underestimated.

Günther Lutschinger, CEO of Fundraising Verband Austria