Public Affairs

Through our public affairs work, EFA represents the European fundraising community on legal and regulatory matters at an EU level.

Members and Fundraising Europe readers benefit from regular updates on relevant legal developments, and from EFA’s What’s going on in Brussels webinar series.

EFA also regularly responds to consultations on our members’ behalf, and collaborates with other Europe-wide sector bodies and organisations to ensure the sector’s position is known when legal and regulatory changes are on the table.

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Public Affairs objectives

  • To develop networks related to fundraising, and nonprofits and European philanthropy in general to generate greater interaction, sharing, and discussion that help to advance the profession and how it’s perceived more widely.
  • Participation in other working groups, including inter-professional ones, focused on areas of interest to fundraisers, such as VAT, e-Privacy, and anti-money laundering. Representing the sector and ensuring its position is heard, the group will also offer proposals and working hypotheses that drive discussion and positive change.
  • Building relationships with EU political and consultative bodies to raise awareness of issues relevant to the fundraising sector, propose actions aimed at consolidating and developing the culture of giving. Acting as a professional counterpart in all cases where European regulation has a negative impact on fundraising.
  • Dissemination of knowledge and updates, sharing of actions and objectives with the European professional fundraising community to stimulate discussion and raise awareness for the building and consolidating of an authentically European space for the profession.


Working Group members

To coordinate and drive these priorities, EFA has a Public Affairs Working Group. This is formed of EFA board members and other public affairs experts from across Europe:

  • Laurence Lepetit – EFA board member & CEO of France générosités
  • Yvette Kleekamp – Public affairs advisor at Dutch fundraising association Goede Doelen Nederland
  • Pia Tornikoski – Secretary general of Finnish fundraising association VaLa, & former EFA board member
  • Sarah Bertail – Legal director, France générosités

Contact us

To contact the Public Affairs Working Group, email