Resources that may be useful to EFA members, observers and others within the fundraising community are published on this page. This includes research, common standards and specific resources for those developing a fundraising qualification through EFA's certification programme.

2022 Nonprofit Pulse: Tracking Change in Europe

Covid-19's continuing impact, the war in Ukraine, and the steeply rising cost of living meant 2022 was yet another challenging year for nonprofits. Building on our surveys from 2020 and 2022, EFA and have come together once again to explore the impact of the continuing crisis conditions. This report summarises the headline findings from our 2022 survey, which shows how nonprofits are transforming fundraising and service delivery in response to the challenges they face.

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2021 Nonprofit Pulse: Tracking the Impact of COVID-19

Amid a global pandemic, change has become the world’s new normal. But what does all this mean for nonprofits? Building on our survey from 2020, and EFA have once again come together to explore the continued impact. This report summarises the headline findings from our 2021 survey, indicating that nonprofit income and donation levels are recovering, but that the pandemic is taking its toll on the sector workforce.

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The Impact of Covid-19 on Nonprofits in Europe

How has the pandemic impacted nonprofits in Europe and what does this mean for fundraising and service delivery? Working together with, we surveyed almost 800 nonprofit representatives in 26 nations to collate their views. While nonprofits were hit hard by the pandemic, this report shows how much the sector has transformed over that time, embracing digital, finding new ways to deliver services and raise funds, and more.

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Certification resources

A range of resources are available to support those who are looking to develop national fundraising qualifications through EFA's Certification programme. These include the certification syllabus and framework, core principles, assessment guidelines, application form and more.

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Coronavirus Resource Hub

In just a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has swept across Europe, leaving non-profits facing funding shortfalls of several billion euros for the coming months alone. Charities, sector bodies and suppliers are united in their drive to overcome the crisis and to support one another through this, sharing resources and more.

Visit our new Coronavirus Resource Hub for resources, guidance, freebies and offers for fundraising during the pandemic.

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Tax Incentives for Charitable Giving in Europe

This short report summarises the key fiscal schemes in place to promote individual giving in sixteen European nations in 2018. It focuses on the main incentives that national governments offer to encourage giving during donors’ lifetimes.

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International Statement of Ethical Principles

This statement sets out the fundamental ethical principles of fundraising, ratified by fundraising representatives from 24 countries at the International Ethical Summit, which took place in London during July 2018.

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Fundraising in Europe 2017

Published in December 2017, this report represents the views of fifteen national fundraising associations about charitable giving trends, influencing factors and concerns for fundraising, EU data protection legislation and support from government. The reports indicates voluntary income growth over the past five years, but that donor numbers could be stabilising.

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Fundraising in Europe 2015

Published in 2015, this report collates data from across sixteen European nations and includes key findings from a survey of fundraising associations, citing trends in terms of voluntary income, influencing factors and challenges.

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