EFA Certification resources

The following resources are available for fundraising associations or training providers that are interested in developing an EFA Certified qualification.

Guidance is also available from EFA or via our mentor programme.

Certification resources

The competence framework sets out the knowledge and competency framework that fundraisers need to operate effectively.

The syllabus and delivery guidelines cover the syllabus requirement and guidelines for delivering EFA Certified training.

EFA’s assessment guidelines set out the information for submitting a training programme for accreditation by EFA.

An application form for organisations submitting a training programme for Certification. (Applications for EFA Certification must be channelled through the appropriate national fundraising association.)

EFA's Certification Brochure is a full guide to the scheme. (The brochure is also available on request in Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.)

The list of Core Texts for EFA Certification courses is also available as a PDF.

Additional support

A certification mentor programme is available through EFA, linking those organisations that have already set up EFA certified qualifications with those that are looking to develop training at this level.

Case studies are also available from EFA, setting out successful tried and tested certification structures.

For more information, contact our executive officer, Denise Dawes at: denise.dawes@efa-net.eu