Applying for EFA Certification

A wide range of resources are available for fundraising associations or training providers that are interested in developing an EFA Certified qualification.

Our Certification Handbooks (EFA Certification Standard Competence Framework 2022, and EFA Certification Advanced Competence Framework) cover the key information, including the fundraising competencies, and information on the assessment process and training delivery. Programme Delivery and Assessment Guidelines (Standard & Advanced) are also available, and details about the costs of applying for an EFA Certified training programme are set out within the Accreditation and Certification Guidelines. The full range of resources are set out below.

Guidance is also available from EFA or via our mentor programme, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. Email Denise Dawes if you have any queries.

Certification resources

The EFA Certification handbooks (Standard Competence Framework and Advanced Competence Framework) draw together information about the fundraising competencies that will form the core of any professional fundraising qualification with guidelines for delivery of any such training.

Programme Delivery and Assessment Guidelines (Standard & Advanced) bring together the key guidance for delivering and assessing EFA Certified fundraising training programmes.

EFA’s accreditation and certification guidelines set out the information for submitting a training programme for accreditation by EFA. This also covers the guidelines for those applying for re-certification.

Certification application forms (Standard Competence Framework, and Advanced Competence Framework) for organisations submitting a training programme for certification. (Applications for EFA Certification should be channelled through a national fundraising association.)

Re-certification application forms (Standard Competence Framework, and Advanced Competence Framework) are also available for organisations submitting a previously EFA accredited training programme for re-certification.

Terms of reference for joining EFA's certification committee.

Further support

A certification mentor programme is available through EFA, linking those organisations that have already set up EFA certified qualifications with those that are looking to develop training at this level.

For more information, contact our executive officer, Denise Dawes at: