Why EFA Certification?

If you're looking to take or develop a fundraising qualification that is recognised across Europe and beyond, EFA Certification offers the ideal framework.

"A common European qualification is a key move in ensuring consistency of fundraising standards across Europe. Fundraising is increasingly visible on a global scale and common standards are essential to improve public understanding of the professional way that charities operate."

Becky Gilbert, German Fundraising Association (DFRV)


Why take an EFA certified qualification?

When you complete an EFA certified qualification, this demonstrates that you have achieved a high level of knowledge and professional accomplishment. The qualifications are recognised internationally, bringing career opportunities that bridge national boundaries.

Learn new techniques and skills to raise funds

Demonstrate that you are professionally qualified, maximising your career potential

Broaden your career horizons to other nations across Europe and beyond

Increase your knowledge of best practice fundraising

Gain confidence in your ability to succeed professionally

Associations/Training providers:

Why develop a fundraising qualification?

Offering a robust, internationally-recognised qualification to fundraisers enables you to advance the profession throughout the nation, delivering top quality training and attracting new and dynamic individuals to the fundraising profession. EFA Certification will help you to:

Raise the standard of fundraising nationally

Build greater public trust and confidence in charities and the fundraising profession

Equip fundraisers to learn new techniques and skills that will enable them to raise more funds for the cause

Gain credibility as a training provider to the non-profit sector

Attract fundraisers from across Europe to develop their careers in your nation