EFA Certification

Developed with EU funding, EFA certification is a framework that enables members to develop national qualifications for fundraising based on one core syllabus and a set of fundraising competencies. With an EFA certified qualification, fundraisers can demonstrate that they are part of a professional industry with robust standards.

Originally modelled on the Institute of Fundraising's Certificate in Fundraising Management, the Certification programme gives EFA members the tools they need to develop their own national training programmes and fundraising qualifications, in conjunction with education partners.

Once approved by EFA’s certification committee, they become accredited qualifications, recognised internationally.

The committee has approved 11 fundraising qualifications, which are now available across Europe.

"Only by establishing robust and professional standards, can we build public trust in not-for-profit organisations and encourage philanthropy. An EFA certified qualification is a fundraising ‘passport’ that brings both recognition and mobility to work in other cultures to a shared set of principles."

Andrea Caracciolo di Feroleto, EFA certification committee member