Fundraising associations or training providers that are interested in developing an EFA Certified qualification are recommended the following resources and to consider EFA's mentor programme.

Competence Framework
The competence framework sets out the knowledge and competence framework that fundraisers need to operate effectively.


Syllabus/Guidelines for Delivery
The syllabus and delivery guidelines cover the syllabus requirement and guidelines for delivering EFA Certified training.


EFA’s Accreditation Guidelines
This document sets out guidelines for submitting a training programme for accreditation by EFA.


EFA Certification Application Form
To submit a training programme for Certification, applicants must complete this application form and submit it to EFA, for review by the Certification Board. Applications for EFA Certification must be channelled through the appropriate national fundraising association.

EFA Certification Brochure
This brochure is a full guide to EFA Certification. The brochure is available in the following languages:

in Dutch 
in English 
in Finnish 
in French 
in German 
in Hungarian 
in Italian 
in Polish 
in Portuguese 
in Spanish 
in Swedish


List of Core Texts for EFA Certification Courses

The list of core texts for EFA Certification courses is available as a PDF document.


Certification Mentor Programme

A mentor programme is available through EFA, linking those organisations that have already established EFA Certified qualification schemes with those that are looking to develop training at this level.

Case studies are available in EFA members only area of the website, setting out successful tried and tested certification structures. Organisations that are looking to develop EFA certified qualifications are encouraged to explore these case studies and select an appropriate model. Contact details are included for the relevant member association, alongside confirmation whether they are willing to act as a mentor to fellow EFA members.

For further information about EFA Certificaiton, take a look at the FAQ section or please do get in touch.