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  • Alex Blake
    How to fundraise during a pandemic
    With charities facing an urgent funding shortfall amid increased demand for their services, Alex Blake, director of KEDA Consulting, explores how charities can fundraise during a global […]
  • Lena Vizy
    How to convince your senior management to invest in legacy fundraising
    Lena Vizy, legacy programme manager at Amnesty International NL, asks what fundraisers can do to convince senior management to invest (or invest more) in legacy fundraising?  […]
  • Woodrow Rosenbaum
    Asking the right questions: A framework for impact measurement
    Running a successful charitable campaign takes time, money, and effort. How do you know if it was a real success? What are the questions you should […]
  • Vinay Nair
    How to use social for good
    Social media can be immensely powerful for telling positive stories that build awareness, engagement and support. Vinay Nair, CEO and co-founder of Lightful, which in February […]
  • Barry Hoolwerf
    How to capture donor trends – and why that’s important
    Europe is a diverse continent. There are marked differences in the way that people view giving and the role of charities, particularly between Southern and Western […]
  • Caoileann Appleby
    How to put the giving cycle into practice
    The giving cycle is a simple concept but charities are still struggling to embed it in their fundraising programmes, says Caoileann Appleby, strategy director at Ask […]
  • Nancy Bikson
    How to branch out beyond national boundaries
    With non-profits  increasingly reaching out across national boundaries to fundraise, managing director of Chapel & York International Nancy Bikson explores the questions fundraisers need to ask to determine if international […]
  • Andrew Watt
    How to embed ethical principles in fundraising
    Public policy and advocacy expert Andrew Watt, senior principal of Accordant Philanthropy, explores the challenges of recent years that have brought ethics to the fore for […]
  • Brian Fitzgerald
    How to tell a story that will inspire global audiences
    Storytelling is an important art and skill for any fundraiser. Brian Fitzgerald, director of Dancing Fox, shares his tips on how to tell stories that will […]
  • Andrej_Naricyn
    How to motivate and inspire your fundraising team
    Fundraising is a relationship business and this applies to fundraisers just as it does to donors, says Andrej Naricyn, fundraising consultant. Here he shares his tips […]