Certification FAQs

What you need to know about EFA Certification

1Why are fundraising qualifications important?

Fundraising qualifications will help to ensure the establishment of robust professional standards. Only by raising standards, can we build public trust in not-for profit organisations, and encourage philanthropy.

With EFA Certification, we aim to raise the bar in fundraising training and, ultimately, to enable the European fundraising community to raise more money for the good causes they work for.

2Why take an EFA certified qualification?

An EFA certified qualification is an opportunity for fundraisers to demonstrate that they are leading fundraising professionals, holders of a qualification that is recognised across the EU and beyond.

It is a fundraising ‘passport’ that brings both recognition and mobility to work in other cultures to a shared set of principles.

see Read more about the advantages of taking an EFA Certified qualification.

4How do I submit a training course for Certification through EFA?

While fundraising techniques and legalities may vary hugely from country to country, the fundamentals of ‘good’ fundraising are the same wherever you are. Any European national fundraising association can apply to have a fundraising qualification certified by EFA.

The application form should be completed by the through the national fundraising body and submitted to us, see Certification Resources for more information.

Where there is no national fundraising organisation, educational providers will be encouraged to initiate such an organisation in accordance with EFA strategy and apply for EFA membership before being considered for EFA Certification.