In the beginning…


EFA was formed in Brussels, Belgium in 2002 after many years of discussion by fundraising associations and leading fundraisers from across Europe.  They saw a need for one central body to share knowledge and best practice, to champion fundraising at the highest level and to strengthen the industry with established qualifications.


What happened next?


EFA was formally registered in 2004 in Amsterdam, with support from the Resource Alliance.


The first member of staff was appointed to EFA in 2006, when part-time executive officer, Denise Dawes, formally joined the team.


The association’s most notable success to date was the launch of EFA Certification in 2007 and the subsequent development of a series of fundraising qualifications across Europe. As a result of this, fundraisers in 11 EU nations can now complete a fundraising qualification.


EFA’s first Skillshare - an annual event that serves as a platform for exchange, where members can meet, explore best practice and learn from each other – took place in Berlin in 2008 and was hailed as a great success.  The EFA Skillshare continues to grow, having travelled to Barcelona, Krakow and Vienna, welcoming member fundraisers, observers and associates from across Europe. 


In 2011, EFA hosted its first capacity building workshop in Vienna. Funded by the ERSTE Foundation, the workshop provided specific support for leaders of fundraising organisations in Central and Eastern European countries where no formal fundraising association has yet been established.


Our 10th Anniversary year! In 2012, EFA celebrated with the launch of a new resource for members - Fundraising Europe is distributed by email through EFA's membership to around 10,000 fundraisers. 


In 2013, EFA published A Decade of Change looking back on how fundraising had changed in recent years. EFA also supported the development of the world's first advanced fundraising qualification. Fundraising Europe was opened up to subscribers with an interest in European fundraising.


During 2014, EFA published its first annual fundraising survey report.


And in 2017, we celebrated fifteen years of EFA and our 10th annual Skillshare (in Berlin).



Where now?


Life at EFA never stands still. So, if you’d like to find out more. Please get in touch.