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note takingA group of 22 Dutch charities have joined forces to test the current compliance standards of their face-to-face agencies.


With face-to-face fundraising being an important channel for the recruitment of regular donors for many Dutch charities, the group, led by charity trade association Goede Doelen Nederland, set up a pilot scheme to test agency compliance standards through a collective auditing approach.


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Stuart Etherington


The divide between Britain’s biggest and smaller charities appears to be widening with the news that the income of bigger charities grew in 2013/14, while that of smaller and medium-sized charities’ decreased in real terms, continuing a long-term trend.

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New legislation in Finland means individuals can now benefit from tax deductions if they donate to a university, college, polytechnic or university fund.


The establishment must receive public funding in the European Economic area to qualify, and must use the donations to promote art or science. Individuals must donate a minimum of 850 euros to receive a tax deduction, with the deduction matching the donation amount.


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Vienna European Fundraising SchoolThe first European Fundraising School takes place this summer in Vienna, with a focus on the core principles of successful fundraising, and major gift acquisition.

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