The Institute of Fundraising has launched the UK's first Public Fundraising Certification Programme for fundraisers working on the street, doorstep, private site or telephone, encouraging charities and fundraising agencies to strive towards excellent fundraising.


The programme, which covers both charities and fundraising agencies working in Direct Debit door-to-door, street, private site and telephone fundraising, works through 3 pillars. This includes a detailed self-assessment form (completed by the charity or agency), which assesses their compliance policies and processes, in-depth observations of their training programmes and a mystery shopping programme to check and feedback on whether these processes are being implemented on the front line. 


The aim is to ensure that public fundraisers have the processes and tools in place to constantly improve how they ask the public to support good causes.


It builds on the IoF's existing measures to support members in maintaining the highest standards.  From street fundraising Site Management Agreements, to the mystery shopping the IoF carries out on the street and at private sites, to the call-levelling system being introduced for telephone fundraising, the IoF is working closely with public fundraisers to continue to enable members to achieve excellent fundraising. A list of those agencies and charities that have completed the certification process has been published on the IoF website.


Speaking about the new programme, Peter Hills-Jones, director of compliance at the Institute of Fundraising said: “It sends an important message that these IoF members are part of the recognised and respected certification programme. We would encourage any organisations operating outside this programme to step up and take part in the future.”


Sarah Atkinson, director of policy and communications at the Charity Commission, added: “The public rightly expects charities to fundraise in a considerate and responsible way. I congratulate the charities and other organisations that, in achieving IoF certification, have demonstrated that they take high standards in fundraising seriously. Trustees of charities should ensure that their approach to soliciting donations is compliant with rules and agreed standards and reflects their charity’s values; our guidance on fundraising for trustees helps them get this right.”