The Institute of Fundraising has updated its guidance aimed at helping charities better support donors who may be vulnerable.


The Treating Donors Fairly guidance aims to help fundraisers in recognising and responding appropriately to people in vulnerable circumstances. It provides practical assistance in recognising people in vulnerable circumstances and recommends appropriate ways to respond.


The guidance covers mental capacity and vulnerability, and how fundraisers can respond, data protection and the recording of personal data, and a step-by-step guide to developing a fundraising policy.  Each section contains information on identifying vulnerable circumstances in a way that fundraisers can relate to, and gives checklists, examples, and practical tips aimed at helping both the fundraiser and senior charity staff responsible for fundraising strategy.


IoF chief executive Peter Lewis, said:


“Fundraisers do an amazing job, especially during the festive season, raising millions of pounds for good causes. They inevitably come into contact with people in vulnerable circumstances and need support to be able to recognise these situations, and know how to respond appropriately when they arise. This updated practical guide offers precisely this support."