Svitlana Kuts, Institute of Professional Fundraising, Ukraine

A new Ukrainian charity law came into force earlier this year setting out a framework to strengthen charitable regulation, build confidence and develop philanthropy.


“This law completely differs from the old one, which was built on the remains of a post-communist system and consequent perceptions of giving," says Svitlana Kuts, Executive Director of the Institute of Professional Fundraising in the Ukraine.

“It is a positive step forward that will support fundraising from Ukrainian donors as it provides more opportunities in terms of the types of donations, procedures for public giving, and lays the ground for state funding. Most importantly, Ukrainians now have better terms for establishing charitable funds and this is likely to encourage and facilitate more major donor giving.”

The law, which the Institute of Professional Fundraising helped to develop and shape, sets a clear framework for the charitable purpose, scope, subjects and types of charity. New concepts of charity easements, grants and endowments were implemented and the recognised governance framework for any charity fund, association or institution was established as an executive body, with a supervisory board and general assembly.

It facilitates charity registration and provides terms for street collection, and other forms of giving, also preventing abuse in fundraising and charity fraud. The law includes the provision that the amount of donation, which has not been used during the period determined by a donor, must be returned as a returnable financial assistance.