Dutch Manifesto

The Dutch philanthropy sector has presented a manifesto to the country’s new Parliament and upcoming cabinet, aimed at introducing them to the sector and highlighting the value and role of philanthropy in the country.


The manifesto, entitled Philanthropy is indispensable to our society, was presented at a symposium and political cafe hosted at the international press centre in The Hague on 12 April by Dutch umbrella organisation for charities Goede Doelen Nederland, Nederland Filantropieland, FIN (the association for Dutch equity funds), and CIO.


As well as providing an introduction to the sector, it contains a number of recommendations for the newly elected parliamentarians. It was presented following the Dutch elections for the House of Representatives, which took place on 15 March. The new members of Parliament were installed the end of March, with the philanthropic sector taking the opportunity to acquaint these newly elected parliamentarians with the sector and its value to Dutch society. 


Its signatories encompass a wide range of associations, federations, and other organisations from the philanthropy sector, including: Goede Doelen Nederland, FIN, Nederland Filantropieland, SBF, NOV, Partos, Goede Doelen Platform, Partin, Theo Schuyt (professor of Philanthropic Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), the Erasmus Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (ESPC), Federatie Cultuur, the NOC*NSF (the Dutch Olympic Committee and Dutch Sports Federation), and the Dutch association for arts and culture Kunsten’92.


Gosse Bosma, director of Goede Doelen Nederland, and president of EFA said: “The manifesto aims to draw the new Parliament’s attention to the impact, reach, and role of philanthropy within our society. It states that the Netherlands as well as great parts of the world would be very different places without the effort and support of the many citizens that volunteer their services, and the private initiatives that generate social involvement, meaning and significance.”


Photo (left): Seven members of the Dutch Parliament received the manifesto in The Hague, having been signed by 14 representative organisations from the philanthropy sector. 


Photo (right): Dutch Parliament.