Dutch fundraising platform Whydonate and financial services brand ING have launched a contactless collection box to help charities collect more money by making it easier for people to donate.


The collection box enables people to donate to charities quickly and safely with a contactless debit card or with their mobile phone.  It was co-developed with Whydonate in ING’s innovation lab ICEC and is being introduced as a pilot in 2017 in the Netherlands.


Contactless payments continue to rise across Europe. According to ING’s Economics Bureau, 52% of consumers don’t usually keep cash in their house. Figures from Visa’s 2016 Digital Payments Study, released last October and surveying 19 European countries, also show that the number of consumers across Europe regularly using a mobile device to make payments had tripled from 18% in 2015 to 54% in 2016, while in In the UK, more than half the people surveyed (58%) had used contactless cards, up from 20% in 2015.


Niels Corver, cofounder of Whydonate said:

“Charity collections are decreasing and finding collectors is also becoming more difficult. With this in mind we have developed the contactless collection box, linking the collection box with the Whydonate platform.  Collectors can immediately see how much they have raised for their charity. This makes collecting easier and above all fun."



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