Payment solutions provider SIX Payment Services has developed a recurring donations service for charities that offers an alternative to direct debit with a one-click sign up process via a mobile device.


The service lets donors subscribe to a monthly donation of an agreed amount. The first donation is carried out using the donor’s credit card via a mobile device. For subsequent donations, the donor’s credit card is charged with the same amount as a recurring payment, which will be continued on a monthly basis until the donor chooses to amend or terminate the subscription.


It is also flexible, allowing donors to choose their donation amount and to select their preferred subscription frequency.


World Vision Switzerland is the first charity globally to adopt the solution through which it is able to offer donors a one-click start of their donation subscription.


Bernhard Metzger, CEO World Vision Switzerland said:

“We are happy that by cooperating with SIX Payment Services we can offer our donors a modern and convenient payment solution. This helps us to optimise our processes and to reduce administrative effort in Switzerland, which means that even more cents of every donated dollar will reach one of the 80 projects we have in 29 countries."


To provide the service, SIX Payment Services is using tokenization technology, which encrypts sensitive data such as credit card numbers and replaces them by substitute numbers called tokens.