The Still Choir, the Swiss Deaf Association

The Silent Choir (der stille Chor) of the Swiss Deaf Association was recognised as the most innovative fundraising campaign at this year’s Award ceremony, which took place on Swissfundraising Day earlier this Summer.



The fundraising campaign featured the choir performing the Christmas carol 'Silent Night' using sign language in Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse.


Harry Witzthum, managing director of the Swiss Deaf Association (Schweizerischer Gehörlosenbund SGB-FSS), was “delighted” with the award, saying: "[translated] Sign language makes a living culture in society more visible and communicates the importance of equal rights and opportunities for people with hearing impairments.”


At the same event, the Swissfundraising Award for the Best Fundraising Campaign of the Year was awarded to the Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation for its project “Schmirgel”, which highlighted the plight of people living in regions affected by drought and famine by incorporating sandpaper into its campaign. The campaign was recognised for its success both in communicating the urgent need for water and raising funds for the cause.


Photo: The Silent Choir in Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse