Members of the Swedish Fundraising Council (FRII) saw revenue from donations increase by five percent to SEK 8.7 billion in 2017 compared with 2016, setting a new record.


Individual donations to FRII members accounted for most of the 400m+ kronor increase, according to FRII, with the individual giving making up 65% of the total, through gifts, wills and memorial gifts. However, the total number of donors decreased slightly year on year. Corporate partnerships and donations made up 13% of the total, foundations and other organisations 12%, and the Postcode Lottery 10%.


The top ten organisations that fundraised the most in 2017 received a total of SEK 5 billion – 57% of the total, with the Cancer Research Fund receiving the biggest share at SEK 807 million Raising SEK 2 million more than Unicef Sweden, which has been the number one fundraising organisation in Sweden for many years.


While larger organisations – those receiving at least 100 million SEK – dominate the field, the number of organisations collecting between SEK 50 and 99 million is increasing.


"It is incredibly pleasing that individuals are giving more and, in this way, showing their confidence in civil society," said Charlotte Rydh, secretary general at FRII. "Recent research also shows that public trust in non-profit organisations is rising in Sweden, and one of the most important prerequisites for people to donate money is trust in the efficiency and impact of non-profits."