Maria Ros Jernberg, Swedish Fundraising Council 

The Swedish government has announced its intention to remove the tax breaks that incentivise people to give to charity from January 2016, prompting fears of a likely loss in voluntary income across the nation.


A two-month consultation period for these proposals is now in place, which is due to close in April 2015.


The Swedish Fundraising Council will lobby against the proposals and is currently working with members to build a strong case to rebut Government’s plans.  The Council is collating concrete examples of the financial implications that the proposed changes may incur, in addition to demonstrating the value and impact of the current tax-effective giving system.


Government officials in Sweden argue that tax benefits allocated to civil society organisations should be allocated by the state, rather than the donor.


This news comes with a change in parliamentary officials just two years after the tax-effective giving framework was first introduced. 



Pictured: Maria Ros Jernberg, Swedish Fundraising Council