The Spanish Fundraising Association reports that the value of charity donations in Spain has fallen by 47% over the past eight years in the latest edition of "Giving Spain 2014". The biannual report looks at the current donor market and maps its evolution in recent years.



The report's findings indicate that almost one in five people (20%) in Spain give to charity. The profile of the average donor is a woman (54%) about 44 years old, with a university education and married with children. The report also indicates that donors typically give €133 per year and the total value of donations is €489 million.


The value of donations has fallen dramatically since 2006, when the average annual gift equated to €184 and total voluntary donations exceeded €825 million. While the value of donations is in decline, donor numbers have grown and the proportion of the giving public is maintained. Charities have succeeded in recruiting over one fifth (23%) of new donors through street fundraising.


According to Carmen Gayo, President of the AEFr: "This data clearly shows that the Spanish public is aware of the importance of the work carried out by NGOs and continue to give, despite difficult financial circumstances."


The Spanish Fundraising Association attribute the fall in value of donations to the economic crisis and the lack of tax incentives.


Gayo adds: "NGOs are increasingly reliant on the support of citizens and private organisations for funds, and it is essential that the state introduces both fiscal and legal tools that will encourage charitable donations and ensure the sustainability of services that are vital for the whole of our society."