This year’s Central and Eastern European Fundraising Conference promises to help attendees develop their organisations with a title of ‘Grow Fast: Invest in Fundraising (Synergies).


The conference takes place between 12-14 October in Bratislava, Slovakia, and will look at questions including: What are the roads to fundraising success? Where do we get funds for investment? Who do we partner with to create synergies in fundraising? 


This year’s speaker line-up includes Kay Sprinkel Grace (USA), Jan Uekermann (Switzerland), Betsy Akin (USA), Jolan van Herwaarden (Netherlands), Jillian Stewart (USA), Arko Hoondert (Netherlands), Trisha Tanner (USA/Hungary), Juraj Rizman (Slovakia), Marianna Zappi (UK), Sarah Enderby (UK), Camelia Mates (Romania), Emily Bracken (Spain), and Ana Koeshall (Serbia).


There will also be a number of masterclasses covering topics including successful peer-to-peer fundraising, how to maximise impact by engaging volunteers, and how to start up a major gift programme.


Further information is available at, and an early bird discount is available on bookings until 31 August.


Last year, more than 150 people from 15 countries attended the conference.