Poland’s national legacy promotion campaign, Dobry Testament (which translates to Good Legacy), will be launched at the Polish Fundraising Association’s Generosity and Immortality seminar, in Warsaw on 15th April 2015.


Richard Radcliffe, international legacy fundraising expert and speaker at the seminar, says: “while the legacy marketplace can be challenging in Poland, where making a will is less common than in some other European nations, will-making is now becoming increasingly important to the Polish population. This brings a huge opportunity for charities to get involved with this movement and secure funds in this way.”


Also speaking at the seminar, legacy promotion campaign manager, Markus Aichelburg-Rumerskirch, will guide legacy practitioners towards ethical and effective ways of legacy fundraising.


The event also serves as a platform for the launch of the Polish Institute of Philanthropy, which aims to create a more philanthropic culture across the nation.


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