DeloitteFundraising income from regular donors and sponsors in Norway last year increased at a higher rate than the country’s economic growth according to the annual survey of charitable giving from Deloitte.



The survey questioned 72 of the country’s nonprofit organisations, and revealed that income to those charities from sponsors and regular donors increased by 9.2 per cent in 2014. Overall, Norwegians gave 1.6 billion Norwegian Krone (almost 170 million) to the nonprofit organisations that participated in the survey: up from 1.46 billion NOK (€150 million) in 2013.


On average, each donor gave the equivalent of almost €300, or 2,793 NOK. The survey also reveals that organisations have placed a greater focus on social media channels to reach donors.


The Norwegian Fundraising Association’s secretary general Siri Nodland commented: “Social media has made fundraising easier. It is gratifying that so many of these organisations are concerned with trends and developments in the industry, and recognise the value of a close dialogue with donors.”