A group of Italian fundraisers has successfully campaigned for the Revenue Agency to release information on the nation's 5x1000 tax donation list.


5x1000 is a tax-efficient giving scheme that enables Italian taxpayers to designate a small percentage of tax monies to a nonprofit organisation of their choice. They do this simply by inserting the fiscal code of the organisation in the relevant section of their tax return form.


The publication of the list enables nonprofits to work out how many people have given them the 5x1000 donation and the amount raised as a result.


The group of fundraisers took to social media on 07 April 2016 to ask the agency to publish the list. They conducted a peaceful protest 'tweet bombing' as well as posting on facebook with the hashtag #fuorileliste and #stessidiritti, addressed to the Revenue Agency. Five days after the protest, the Agency published the list of donations from 2014.