LibraryA network that helps public libraries in Italy to develop their fundraising is seeing strong results after its first year.


The Rome School of Fundraising, (Scuola di Roma, the Centre for Books and Reading at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and Tourism (MIBACT), and the National Association of Italian Municipalities launched to provide tools and advice that will help public libraries in the country develop their fundraising techniques and activities. is the first online network dedicated to helping Italy’s public libraries in this way. The website includes a work kit, a guide to librarian systems, a database of successful and unsuccessful cases, and a Facebook discussion group. It also explains how to take advantage of Art Bonus, a tax credit for cash donations given for the maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural heritage that enables a tax recovery of 65 per cent of the amount donated, over a period of three years.


The site is now seeing its first fundraising projects come to fruition with strong results both financially and in terms of donor acquisition.