Fundraising Model CanvasFundraisers from GT Assif Lazio, a regional branch of Italian fundraising association ASSIF, have come together to learn how to apply new fundraising methodologies to their campaigns and organisations.


The Assif workshop Fundraising Model Canvas (FMC) took place on 16 March in Rome, presented by Massimo Pesci, fundraising director at Italian Red Cross, and creator of the FMC.


During the session, Pesci presented the latest version of the Fundraising Model Canvas, which enables fundraisers to perform a quick evaluation of the fundraising model for their organisation or campaign, and to locate and pinpoint any strengths or weaknesses, specifically regarding the donation request.


The model analyses a range of aspects including donation channels, costs, resources, data, and communications, how they interact with each other, and which ones influence the donor. It allows fundraising teams to work together, using the FMC diagram to discuss the aspects that are fundamental for campaign success according to their areas of expertise.


The model has a huge effect not only in improving fundraising but also for building the awareness of the whole organisation, including the board, about the real potential of fundraising,” said Pesci.