International author, speaker and trainer Dan Pallotta is to deliver a one-day training programme for Charities Institute Ireland in November.


An expert on transforming charities and not-for-profits, Pallotta will deliver The Bolder Board Training programme for more than 200 charity leaders, trustees and major donors on 12 November 2018, with the event kicking off Trustees Week 2018.


Pallotta’s 2013 TED talk The way we think about charities is dead wrong has had over 4.5 million views. His Bolder Board Training has also received international acclaim.  Part lecture and part workshop, it helps charity boards awaken, articulate and pursue their biggest dreams, teaching them how to work with their CEOs and disrupt traditional ways of thinking to find new ways of building and delivering on their visions.


The programme’s content includes:

– New thinking about charity, non-profit business practice, giving and making a difference, and the five conventions that obstruct organisations from reaching their potential

– New ways of looking at innovation, including the four keys to successful innovation

– How to create a future that is not based on the past

– How to increase the energy and enthusiasm of a team and board, and how to transform – and keep transformed – the board


Commenting on the event, Lucy Masterson, CEO, Charities Institute Ireland said:

“We are seeing increasing demands for services and greater regulation and transparency on the one hand but on the other, low acceptance of the need to provide the resources needed to deliver on these asks. As a sector we need to think differently, act differently and, if we are to succeed, we need new and bolder thinking.”