Irish flagIreland’s total fundraising income rose for the fourth consecutive year in 2013, up 0.8 per cent and reaching €740 million, according to the latest report from fundraising consultancy 2into3.


The Irish Not for Profit Sector Fundraising Performance Report 2015 found that Ireland’s giving per capita reached €161.  


When it came to fundraised income, Social Services and International causes featured prominently, collectively accounting for nearly €7.50 out of every €10 raised.


Legacy donations increased on previous years' studies, amounting to 7 per cent of total fundraised income, while major gifts and corporate income continued to account for a very small proportion of total receipts (1-2 per cent respectively).  The majority of fundraised income was derived from relationships, in particular, regular giving (26 per cent) and direct marketing appeals (21 per cent).  


While fundraised income increased as a whole, the majority of the non-profit organisations surveyed (57 per cent) experienced a decrease in fundraised income, with a small number receiving substantial gifts. The Development and Housing subsector experienced the most significant reduction, dropping 31 per cent, while fundraised income for Philanthropic Intermediaries fell 22 per cent, and Culture and Recreation dropped by 17 per cent. The Environmental subsector saw the biggest increase in income, rising 15 per cent, followed by Law, Advocacy & Politics at 12 per cent.


To view the full report, which makes comparisons with the UK fundraising marketplace and culture, click here.