An annual exchange programme commenced In January 2015, with two fundraisers from German University hospitals seconded to established fundraising departments at US hospitals in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego for a two-week period.



During the exchange, German fundraisers, Pit Horst and Jorit Ness, learnt from their US peers about the most successful fundraising strategies, tools and implementation.  The US clinics, with a highly developed fundraising and development strategy, collectively raised US $15 million during 2014, with a fundraising budget of just over $3 million.


The exchange programme is a joint initiative of the German Fundraising Association (DFRV) and the American Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP).  Hailed a success by practitioners on both sides of the Atlantic, the programme will become a regular annual fixture.


William Littlejohn, a former board member of AHP and co-initiator of the exchange on the American side said “fundraisers here benefited immensely from best practice exchange and discussions with the German representatives and we hope to increase the network in the coming years, enabling more fundraisers and fundraising organsiations to participate”.