The vast majority of fundraisers in France are positive about the future of the profession but expect it to change over the next five years, according to the latest annual edition of the French fundraising association's barometer study, Fundorama.


The Association Française des Fundraisers' study questioned 270 fundraising professionals in June last year. The results reveal how the profession is currently perceived by those working in it, and provide a profile of today’s French fundraising professional.


The vast majority (95%) of those questioned say they are optimistic about the future of the profession and are also happy in their work (89%). The main motivations given for working in fundraising are the cause their organisation supports (42%), and the meaningful nature of the work itself, cited by 39%.


Pay is a secondary motivation, with 57% of respondents saying they were prepared to earn less than in another sector. Fundraisers express a strong attachment to the sector in which they operate (95%) and are satisfied with their working conditions.


91% also feel that fundraising is becoming increasingly interesting, with 97% expecting fundraising to change in the next five years. Causes cited for this include the demand for greater professionalism within the sector, more digitisation, increased competition, and a better understanding of the subject.


To gain a clearer picture of today’s fundraiser in France, Fundorama also questioned respondents on the types of organisations they operate in, their practices, and their motivations. The study reveals that respondents are relatively young with 37% under the age of 35, predominately female (73%), with just under half (47%) working in Paris. Of those questioned, 36% of men were directors, compared to 18% of women.


According to the report, experience also varies, with 58% of the professionals surveyed in the fundraising business for three to 10 years, and 25% of respondents in senior posts for less than three years.