Daryl UpsallThe Finnish Fundraising Association VaLa has run a seminar on how to recruit and commit donors.


The seminar took place in Helsinki on 12 April, and marks the first time Vala has held a seminar entirely in English. Fundraisers attended from Estonia and Finland to hear keynote speaker Daryl Upsall (pictured), from Daryl Upsall & Associates.


In his Innovate or Die session, Upsall spoke about the need for non-profits to constantly innovate, test and evolve their fundraising to survive in the 21st century, showcasing examples of innovation from around the world.


Upsall also presented a second session that showcased new initiatives and best practice models in face-to-face fundraising. Other sessions included How to see LinkedIn through a different fundraising lens, with Eelco Kej, founder of KeyLance Consultancy and fundraiser for Radboud University Nijmegen / Netherlands. DigiTele: Investing into Donor Retention and Loyalty, with Fädi Zayat from Gainer, and Datadriven fundraising, with Ilja de Coster, consultant with Supporting Fundraising, Belgia.