The Czech Fundraising Center and International Visegrad Fund are calling for new members for a network of experts they have set up to help non-profits in Central and Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet area improve their fundraising practices.


The POINT Network, which stands for Platform for Opportunities and Ideas in Non-profit Training, offers a range of services including training and consultancy. Initial planning for the network began two years ago when over 40 trainers and consultants committed to building the sustainability of non-profits in their nine respective countries came together to share their expertise and experiences. The POINT Network has now launched to share their knowledge and training with civil society organisations in the CEE region and the post-Soviet area, and to provide them with inspiration from around the world as well as opportunities to grow. 


The POINT Network also promotes sustainability and resource mobilisation as a way for civil society organisations to achieve independence and develop civil society in the CEE region and in countries of transition through research and the provision of information about resource mobilisation. New members are welcome, and anyone interested in joining the network is invited to contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Jan Kroupa, of the Czech Fundraising Center, said: “We all have many ideas and answers to what “better fundraising” in the CEE region and beyond needs. Our answers would range from a more developed culture of philanthropy, more economic power, more skills among non-profits, better fundraisers, more fundraisers, better information, more trust, more self-confidence, and better projects.


“With nearly 20 years of experience in building better fundraising in our own region, the Czech Fundraising Center tried to find a way to scale this throughout the CEE region and beyond, and recognised that this requires an international network of fundraising consultants and trainers to provide a leadership role in all of the above. This idea resonated with the International Visegrad Fund and so we invited trainers and consultants to come together and share their experiences and expertise, and the POINT Network was born.”