Czech Fundraising CenterThe Czech bank branch of Erste Group, Česká spořitelna, and the Czech Fundraising Center are launching, a fundraising accelerator programme aimed at helping nonprofit organisations improve their fundraising campaigns.


FRIN, which stands for fundraising INnovation, INsight, INitiation, INspiration, and Information, is a training and mentorship programme that will test campaigns and ideas for campaigns in the marketplace with the aim of boosting fundraising.


Over six months, the programme will work with 10 fundraising and development teams, combining training with mentoring and P2P sharing, to prototype and test new fundraising campaigns and/or products in the market.


At the end of the six-month programme, an evaluation board from the bank, the program staff, mentors, PR/media agency professionals and fundraising/marketing experts will choose the best campaign and give its team the opportunity to work pro-bono with a top advertisement agency to develop it further.


The winning team will then be offered the opportunity to use Česká spořitelna´s ATMs and LCDs at customer counters to promote their campaign and to ask for a donation.


Following this initial pilot, the programme is intended to continue once a year on a long-term basis.