With a backdrop of declining government subsidies, the profile and importance of private fundraising has never been higher.  A study, carried out between October 2011 and 2014, set out to gain insight into how fundraising is carried out by nonprofits in Belgium. What strategies and funraising techniques are most important and most successful?



The study, run by the University College Ghent, the KU Leuven and the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium reports on trends recorded from 639 fundraisers working for a range of nonprofit organisations and 21 in-depth interviews with Belgian fundraisers.


Results indicate that 74% of fundraisers say that their organisation has a positive attitude towards fundraising, but almost six in ten (58%) state that there is a lack of relevant knowhow or skills in the organisation. Only 21% of organisations have a fundraising department and over a third (36%) have difficulty in filling fundraising positions.


In terms of how fundraisers seek to raised funds, a small minority (14%) of organisations say that they have a strategy for their fundraising activity and only one in five have a donor database.


The large majority of fundraisers (87% of those surveyed) seek donations from individuals.  Three in four fundraisers raise money through direct personal contact and two thirds raise funds through their website and speical events.  Only 1% practice mobile fundraising.


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