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With a backdrop of declining government subsidies, the profile and importance of private fundraising has never been higher.  A study, carried out between October 2011 and 2014, set out to gain insight into how fundraising is carried out by nonprofits in Belgium. What strategies and funraising techniques are most important and most successful?

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The launch of the Fundraisers Alliance Belgium (FAB) this Summer is a major step forward in professionalising fundraising across the nation.


As a membership body for individual fundraisers, FAB works to develop and deliver training at the highest standard and to provide opportunities for sharing professional knowledge. Members must meet best practice standards for fundraising, as defined by the Association for Ethics in Fundraising (the self-regulatory body in Belgium) and in the International Statement of Ethics.

A series of half day conferences on topical aspects of fundraising has already been diarised, with the first event looking at the importance of transparency taking place on 20th September 2012.

 “Fundraisers have been very positive about getting involved with us – their national association – and there is a real appetite to grow and develop the profession,” says Ilja De Costa, Vice President of FAB. “The main challenge of course is our reliance on volunteers to enable key activities such as our conferences to take place”.

FAB works closely with professional bodies in France, the Netherlands and the UK, linked through EFA’s network. Eligible for mutual member discounts, Belgian fundraisers will be encouraged to attend relevant conferences and events in these neighbouring countries.