While each fundraising association throughout Europe has access to research about activities in their own countries, there is less understanding about activity beyond the national border.


The pages on each country provide information about the size and health of the fundraising sector throughout Europe and further afield. They give an overview of fundraising trends over recent years, with a particular focus on activity during the recession.

…. and beyond


Some information is also available about global fundraising trends, with specific information about the state of fundraising in America and Australia.

50% of nonprofit organisations globally reported a decline in income in 2009, while 33% saw an increase.

The largest decrease has been felt in Asia, where income has fallen by 13%, copared with 5% in Noth America and approximately 1% in Europe, Africa and Australasia.


However, these changes are not only due to the economic downturn.


Research suggests that the causes most likely to be affected by the recession are:

  • arts, heritage and culture;
  • science and scientific research; and
  • human rights.


Organisations that appear least likely to suffer as a result of the recession are those supporting:

  • children;
  • relilgion; and
  • education.

(Global Fundraising Confidence Survey 2009, The Management Centre)