Twenty-two representatives from national fundraising associations including the European Fundraising Association met in London in July to approve a revised version of the International Statement of Ethical Principles.


The fundraising leaders from countries including the US, Canada, Italy, Brazil, France, Belgium, Sweden met at the International Fundraising Summit on 5 July, which was hosted by the Institute of Fundraising.


The Statement outlines an ethical approach for fundraisers, wherever they work, and articulates values that guide fundraisers to deliver excellent fundraising for beneficiaries and supporters. The agreement centres on shared principles for fundraising, which are rooted in honesty, respect, integrity, transparency and responsibility.


The shared principles state:

– Honesty: Fundraisers will always be honest and truthful, upholding public trust and never misleading supporters or the public.


– Respect: Fundraisers will always be respectful of our beneficiaries and donors, following their choices and wishes, wherever possible.


– Integrity: Fundraisers will always act with integrity, following legislative and regulatory requirements, and will always work for the best interests of our causes and supporters.


– Transparency: Fundraisers will always be transparent, clear and accurate about the work of our causes, how donations will be managed and spent, and report on costs and impact accurately.


– Responsibility: Fundraisers will always act responsibly, understanding that we share a common objective to promote fundraising excellence for the benefit of the common good. We value and encourage diversity in our practice and our fundraisers, and continually seek to develop our professional standards.


As well as approving the Statement, delegates met to reflect on and discuss common opportunities, challenges and solutions for developing fundraising, and to share insight.


Peter Lewis, chief executive of the Institute of Fundraising, said:

"I’m delighted to welcome the international fundraising community to London to sign the International Statement of Ethical Principles. It’s an important symbol of international cooperation across the fundraising community and recognises that wherever supporters are asked for money, it should always happen to a high standard and according to ethical principles. I’m proud that the IoF is supporting this work, which contributes to the delivery of excellent standards of fundraising across the world.”