The Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network saw a 65% annual increase in donations through its network, it has revealed.


"It is truly impressive to observe the growing trend of cross-border giving within Europe and beyond, enabling the creation of global philanthropic movements," says Chloé Van Soest, TGE network manager.


"This growth demonstrates the importance of the TGE network and encourages us to keep moving forward. 2018 has started off very promisingly - in the coming weeks, the TGE network will extend to Estonia, Greece and the Czech Republic."

In 2017, TGE recorded a total of EURO 10 million donated through the network. The three countries donating the highest sums were Germany (with a total of €3.7million), Belgium (€2.6m) and France (€1.9m).


TGE saw 4,653 donations, of which the large majority (93%) were from individuals and 7% from corporate donations. The country that received the largest amount in donations was the UK, with a record figure of €4.2m. France came second with €3.1m, followed by Switzerland and Belgium, with €1.2m and €1.1m received by their beneficiaries.


The most popularly supported cause was education, which received 51% of the network’s donations at more than €5.3m. Health and international development followed, receiving 18% and 10% respectively, equating to €1.92m and €1.05m each.