Facebook is rolling out its fundraising tools to 16 countries in Europe this autumn, including a direct donation button that charities will be able to put on their pages to allow people give to them without leaving Facebook.


Facebook’s fundraising tools are already available to charities in the US, with its direct donation button available since 2015. Other tools let charities and their supporters add this direct donation button to their live videos, and let organisations allow supporters to set up dedicated Facebook fundraising pages on their behalf.


Charities in France, Germany Ireland, Spain and the UK will be able to test Facebook’s fundraising tools on their own pages from the end of September, with a further rollout to charities in Italy, Belgium, Portugal, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Finland and Luxembourg from October.


Facebook will charge a 5% fee per donation, 3.5% of which it says will cover the costs of vetting, fraud protection, operational costs and payment support. The remaining 1.5% covers payment processing. However, during the rollout period, all fees will be waived on donations made to European charities until 29 October 2017 at 11:59 pm.


Charities within the eligible countries can sign up now to test the tools, and must be verified by Facebook.