An unpublished EU proposal is seeking to simplify the Data Protection Directive, giving businesses within the EU only one law with one data protection authority. At this point there is no exemption for nonprofits.



EFA is raising concerns that, should this proposal become law, it could have a dramatic effect on fundraising in Europe.


The legislative changes outlined in this proposal seek to place the control of data in the hands of individuals in order to foster a greater sense of trust. Organisations will be required to obtain explicit, specific consent from individuals and detail how their information will be used by them and any third parties. 


The new directive will also include a 'right to be forgotten' - this means that individuals can request the deletion of any data held about them at any given time.


The draft legislation is anticipated this month, but it could take a further 18 months for the bill to become law.


The matter will be addressed at the next EFA board meeting in February and a plan of action will be established to challenge this proposal.