International legacy fundraising event the Legavision Conference is back for a third time this autumn.


This year’s conference will be held on 10 October in London, chaired by Remember A Charity Director Rob Cope, and coordinated by Theo Hesen from the Institute Goed Nalatan. The aim of the event is to share ideas, experience, best practice, and the progress of legacy campaigning initiatives in Europe and elsewhere. It is also open to anyone interested in starting a legacy campaign in their own country.


The programme includes sessions on the donor experience in legacy fundraising and campaigning, the principles of a successful campaign, how to measure success, how to make the most of International Legacy Day, and updates and information on campaigns from around the world.


Commenting on the conference, Hesen said: “This year’s conference will see a focus on building the Legavision network and we urge anyone interested in participating to get in touch. One of the important topics this year will be International Legacy Day. There are now national legacy campaigns in many countries including Belgium, Sweden, Finland, and Italy, and each year on 13 September many of these countries organise activities around legacy giving in the run up to their national Will weeks. During the conference we will be discussing how to give these events a true international dimension and create greater impact.”

For further information on joining the conference, contact Theo Hesen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..