UNHCR Refugee Crisis AppealThe European Foundation Centre (EFC) and Alliance have joined forces to map what philanthropic actors are doing in response to the current refugee crisis.



Compiling an inventory of refugee programmes, the initiative aims to gain a better understanding of who is doing what in response to the current situation in Europe.


“Our objective is to improve awareness of what’s going on, share this with the philanthropy community, make sense of it and stimulate thinking and action on what we can do to move beyond the urgent and immediate actions required,” a spokeswoman for the EFC said to Civil Society.


“We believe this is an important moment to signpost the distinct role and added value philanthropy can play in such situations by taking a calm long-term view.


“Through this mapping exercise we want to explore the potential for exchanges, collaboration, incubation and replication.”


The findings will be presented and discussed at the annual EuroPhilantopics debate in Brussels on 10 November 2015.


Photo: UNHCR Refugees in Crisis Appeal