Jean-Claude Juncker, President-elect of the European Commission

Today, President-elect Juncker unveiled his team of commissioners and the new shape of the next European Commission.


After the European Union has come through one of the most testing periods in its history, Juncker's path for the Commission is one of change. 


President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker said: "In these unprecedented times, Europe's citizens expect us to deliver. After years of economic hardship and often painful reforms, Europeans expect a performing economy, sustainable jobs, more social protection, safer borders, energy security and digital opportunities. Today I am presenting the team that will put Europe back on the path to jobs and growth.


"In the new European Commission, form follows function. We have to be open to change. We have to show that the Commission can change. What I present to you today is a political, dynamic and effective European Commission, geared to give Europe its new start. I have given portfolios to people – not to countries. I am putting 27 players in the field, each of whom has a specific role to play – this is my winning team."


The new European Commission will be streamlined to focus on tackling many of the big political challenges Europe is facing: getting people back to work in decent jobs, triggering more investment, making sure banks lend to the real economy again, creating a connected digital market, a credible foreign policy and ensuring Europe stands on its own feet when it comes to energy security. 


With this announcement, the new Commission has released which portfolios have now been allocated to each designate. The taxation & customs portfolio has been combined with economic and financial affairs, and attributed to Pierre Moscovici, France’s former Minister of Economy and Finance. EFA will continue its campaign as part of ECCVAT to ensure that the Minister and MEPs understand charities' concerns and consider it in the development of harmonised VAT legislation across the EU.