The European Fundraising Association is to hold a Symposium in June that will gather experts together to discuss and develop the EFA Certification accreditation scheme.


The event aims to strengthen fundraising education in Europe by assessing and moving forward the EFA Certification accreditation scheme. Now more than ten years old, the scheme requires updating in order to better reflect the developments in technology, and the new issues, challenges and regulatory changes seen in fundraising in recent years.


To help identify the next steps for the Certification’s development, the Symposium will include a focus on sharing and discussing best practices in running fundraising education programmes. It will also examine priorities and key areas for inclusion and development as identified by experienced practitioners, as well as the latest research in the field of fundraising and philanthropy.


The Symposium will take place on 13 June in Amsterdam, with EFA inviting providers of the EFA accredited fundraising education programmes, academic experts in the field of fundraising and philanthropy, experienced practitioners, representatives of national fundraising associations and other Certification committee members to take part.


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