At a data protection workshop hosted by EFA in Brussels earlier this Summer, delegates discussed the likely impact of forthcoming changes to data protection legislation.



As it stands, trilogue negotiations are currently in progress, with the final text due to be finalised later this year.


EFA strongly believes that an appropriate balance must be struck between data protection requirements that protect the rights of individuals with the valid and fundamental need for charities to be able to fundraise.


Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and Research at the Institute of Fundraising and EFA Board member, says: “Across Europe, fundraisers recognise that respecting the rights and privacy of individuals is fundamental for charities to maintain high levels of trust and allow these relationships to develop.


“However, it is important that the protection of individuals under data protection does not impose disproportionate restrictions that would unduly limit the ability of charities to ask the public and their donors to support their causes.


“We believe that the new Regulation can achieve this balance, but seek confirmation, clarity, and amendments to ensure that the proposals do not have a damaging effect on fundraising across Europe."


At the workshop, experts advised delegates how to lobby national and European politicians, how to connect with major NGOs and how to develop a funding and advocacy strategy.