EFA Certification Symposium


EFA will hold its first EFA Certification Symposium in Amsterdam on 13 June 2018.


The theme of the symposium will be Developing and Improving Fundraising Education in Europe – Sharing Best Practices and Insights from Fundraising Education Research. The aim is to strengthen fundraising education in Europe by assessing and moving the EFA Certification accreditation scheme forward, as well as facilitating the exchange of knowledge.


Initially developed with EU funding, EFA Certification is a framework that enables members to develop national qualifications for fundraising based on one core syllabus and a set of fundraising competencies. Having been developed ten years ago, it is now to be reviewed and updated, ensuring the curriculum will continue to address the educational needs of modern day fundraisers.


The event is free of charge to EFA member representatives and invited guests. Further information is available from the event programme.


To book your place at the symposium, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


EFA thanks Goede Doelen Nederland for hosting the event.