Key figures


Total number of charities: 12,000


Total number of NGOs: 66,000


During the 2008 more than 37% of population donated either financial or material aid to people and pubic organizations (NGOs)  – it is 10% more than in 2006. The average sum of the aid provided amounts to 185 Hryvnia (UAH). There were 1800 respondents interviewed; the sample represents adult population of Ukraine over 18 years old according to such indicators as gender, age, educational attainment, region and type of residence.


The main motives that impel people to provide charitable aid are: the understanding of the  needs  of  other  people  or  public  organisations  (44%  of  those  who  provided charitable aid) or compassion  (38%).


The main reason for not providing charity donations is – nobody asked them to (33%). Besides, quite a lot of people do not provide aid as  they need such aid themselves (27%) or do not see themselves as philanthropists (21%).


56% of population provided voluntary services to other people.


Most supported causes:

  • helping orphan children (26%)
  • indigent and poor people  (26%)
  • children  (24%)
  • elderly  people  (21%)
  • youth (2.0%)
  • human rights protection (1.7%)
  • art, culture (1.5%)
  • ecological needs (1.4%)
  • national minorities (0.3%)



The most common methods used to make gifts are direct cash or in-kind donations to the organisation.
In 2008, more than 37% of the population made charitable donations, with a higher proportion of men than women giving gifts.


Supportive government regulations

  • Registry of non-progit organizations (led by State Tax Administration) includes 16 types of NGOs (12 types of private ownership) with various volume of taxes.
  • Non-profit associations and institutions can have enterprenual activities if they meet the aim for which the charity was established and contributes to it realisation.
  • Membership donations are free of taxation
  • Tax benefits for selling goods and services propagading aims of charity
  • Royalty income is free from taxation


Individual giving

The  most  active  age  group  in  charity  is  people  aged  30-54,  which  is  also  most generous.  This group is ready to support orphans and disadvantaged people above all, as other age groups, in fact. Though the group in the age of 18 – 25 years old is ready to help children, and the group in the age of 55 and older – to elderly people.


People over 55 would help in the protection of rights, and youth is interested in supporting young people.





Nationwide survey of the population of Ukraine was carried out by Democratic Initiatives Foundation  under the request of the Center for Philanthropy (December 12-23, 2008).



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